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Create an e-Greeting with music

Creating an e-Greeting like the one above is a two-part project.

Part One

In Part 1 you will use a special sized scrapbook template to create a series of page exports from DSA and save them as individual images, ready to run as a slideshow in another program (Microsoft’s Photo Story 3 ).  During the process you will gain a quick  insight into using layers, multiple pages and the export process using the Export Optimizer. The following links will take you to the correct template and instructions for users of DSA2 or older versions of the software… there’s a slight difference in the templates so make sure you download the right one for your version of the software

Download links for users of Digital Scrapbook Artist 2 (DSA2)

Download links for users of older version of DSA

Part Two

Part 2 of the project requires you to download and install a copy of Photo Story 3 and another handy little utility called TweakPS:

Once you have these two programs installed, you can watch my new video tutorials below.  In the first one I show you how to use the pages you exported in Part 1 of the project, to create a festive e-greeting with accompanying music.  In the second one you’ll learn how to render your e-greeting to a video file, upload it to Youtube and share the link with others – just as I have done in the sample above.  How cool is that?

I do hope you will enjoy this project and have some FUN with it 😉

Video Tutorials

Video 1 – Create a slideshow project using scrapbook page exports

Video 2 – Complete your slideshow project and output to video file


PDF tutorial – Photo Story 3 Basics

Finally, here’s a link to a simple tutorial that will enable you to quickly get started making slideshows with your own photographs!

Photo Sory 3 – The Basics (pdf)

Comments on: "Create an e-Greeting with music" (3)

  1. fifibear said:

    Hi Iris, these video tutorials are fantastic and you have made them so easy to follow. I am definitely going to give this a whirl – just wish I had more time to play but I will get round to it! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise. Fifi xx

  2. Hi Iris, I just watched all 3 of your tutorials and enjoyed them so much..your accent just mesmerizes me, I love to hear you speak 🙂
    I downloaded everything I need to try making my own e-card. You did a fantastic job on these tutorials Iris! thank you for your hard work.
    hugggs, Chrissy

    • Trulytango said:

      Chrissy! You made me laugh! LOL. I think I sound like I just stepped off the set of ‘Coronation Street’! Another person said I sounded like a ‘Scouser’. Whatever! Accents are funny things aren’t they! BTW, I did this exercise mainly to introduce my classes to making slideshows – Photo Story 3 is such a nice little program and the only one I have available to use in the workplace – but the default motion it applies drives me nuts! Hence the need for ‘Tweak’… of course, there are other slideshow programs that will handle the exports from DSA/CAP with no bother at all x

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