Add a special touch to your VERY SPECIAL pages

Animated Scrapbooks!

Slideshows are a great way to share your digital scrapbook layouts.   You can animate your pages in a variety of programs and once you get the hang of it you’ll be well and truly hooked!  Slideshows are a great way to share your treasured albums, special occasions… and of course, they make wonderful, personalised gifts too

This Family Album styled slideshow was created using Photo Story 3 – a FREE program from Microsoft.  Photo Story allows you to work with a single image layer at a time, but you can use transitions to create some nice effects.

Family Album Scrapbook

The following slideshow was created with ProShow software from Photodex.  ProShow gives you the ability to work with multiple layers, include sound effects and add movement and transitions to individual images as you build up more interesting, complex effects!

Javea – a Spanish Holiday scrapbook

To download the software and see more information about Photo Story 3, including how to turn your scrapbook pages into a slideshow, follow the link below:

How to create an e-Greeting with music


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