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Download the Shades of Summer Kit!

The kit is now complete and ready to download – you’ll find the link at the bottom of this page alongside some important information regarding the download and installation process.

Here is a quick view of the contents!

Backgrounds Gallery






Important Download Information

Your browser or system security might issue a warning about the .exe format of the following file, but I can assure you the file is harmless and safe to accept.

Once you have accepted and completed the download, locate the file named Shades of Summer DM&S2.exe on your computer and double click it. The file is self extracting and programmed to install the kit to right place (My Digikits) on your PC. You will find the terms of use (TOU) for this kit on the first Layout included.

Download the Shades of Summer Kit

Download the Graphic Styles

The challenge winning Graphic Styles are also similarly packaged – rather than include them in the Digikit where they would appear as one huge collection, I decided to offer each one as an individual download instead. This way, the styles go straight into your Styles tab as a new Category (Shades of Summer) with individually named subcategories as set by each winner. Again, the files are in .exe format and you may receive a standard warning from your browser or system, but the files are harmless and are designed to simply put the styles where they should be.

Please ensure you first download and install the file below named Shades of Summer Style Category – this is important as it will set up a new Category in your Styles tab into which all the other files will subsequently install.

Download the Shades of Summer Style Category

When you have downloaded and installed the file above – you can go ahead and download the challenge winning styles below:

  1. Bricks by hcd
  2. Florals by dollycathy
  3. Fractals by dollycathy
  4. Iced Desserts by Trulytango
  5. Metals by Trulytango
  6. Mottled by oldfinger
  7. Paper Effects by Trulytango
  8. Pastels by dollycathy
  9. Seaside by nannyanne
  10. Sorbets by bloggs
  11. Summer Checks by hcd
  12. Zen Garden by littlebrownhen


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