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Design, Make and Share Challenge 2015

Background info

In 2013, over on Daisy Trail, forum member and valued contributor Nannyanne set a challenge – to create a collaborative kit using only the tools available to us in Serif’s Craft Artist software.

The Design, Make and Share challenge took place over a number of weeks, kicking off with a colour palette and a suggested name/theme poll for the resulting kit. Once that was decided, Daisy Trailers were invited to use their Craft Artist skills to create backgrounds, frames, embellishments, brushes and alphas/letters in a series of weekly challenges.  All the items submitted for each challenge were subject to a vote and all Daisy Trailers were invited to vote for their favourites. The most popular items were then included in the final kit which was made available to download for free.

The challenge proved very popular indeed – so I think it’s time to revisit the idea and see what we can come up with in 2015!

Colour Palette – Shades of Summer



Challenge Schedule

The 6 weekly design challenges will start on Saturday 25 July. The first challenge will be Backgrounds, followed by Embellishments, Frames, Brushes, Letters and Graphic Styles.

Each challenge will be open for one week and all entries will be collated and displayed here on Trulytango Scraps where the polls will take place.

The challenge rules will be posted with each individual challenge, along with suggestions and resources if applicable.

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