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Any Questions?


If you have downloaded a freebie and find yourself wondering what to do next, you should first go back and re-read the download instruction or description I provided. My freebies come in a range of formats and the following info should help you overcome any difficulties you are experiencing:

Serif’s .pack file format

These files are in fact Digikits. You should download and unzip (if necessary) and save the .pack files to your own ‘My Digikits’  folder, or wherever your software is programmed to look for its kits. Once the files are in place, you can access them from within your software by going to ‘Add items from Digikits’

Serif’s .Sbp scrapbook file format

Files with the extension .Sbp are regular scrapbook pages created in Digital Scrapbook Artist (DSA). They are compatible with both DSA and the later Craft Artist (CA). Scrapbook files should be downloaded, unzipped and placed in the same location as the scrapbook pages you make for yourself. To open a .Sbp file you should use the File>Open command from within your software, and navigate to the place you saved the file.

  • Craft Artist users please note – your software will be looking for Craft Artist Project Files by default.  Here follows  a short video showing how to open DSA.Sbp files in Craft Artist


Some of my freebies are ‘Effects’ that need to be added to your own software’s ‘Effects’ categories before you can use them. To avoid you having to poke around within Serif’s Program/Effects files, I provide the effects by applying them to simple shapes placed onto a scrapbook page or Digikit Layout… to get at these  ‘Effects’ you must first open the pages or layouts I provided and then follow the instructions included for your use.

Products and Recent Purchases

If you have a question regarding a product in my former shop or a purchase you have made, that is not answered by the information given above, you can contact me directly via the e-mail address below. Please note I am resident in the UK and therefore a delay in my response is unavoidable at times:


Thank you!

Comments on: "Any Questions?" (8)

  1. Linda Cates said:

    Hi Trulytango, I have tried to download your freebie Overlays pack, but when I try to open the file, Adobe reader opens and says “could not open because file is not supported or file has been damaged” can you please tell me what I’m doing wrong, as I have found that this
    happens on other files I try to download from Daisy trail. I was able to download your dots
    overlays. With many thanks

    • Trulytango said:

      Hello. Sorry not got back to you sooner! You cannot open a pack file directly… pack files need to go into the ‘My Digikits’ folder (usually created in the Documents area of your machine when you installed Craft Artist). Once the pack is in My Digikits, open your software and locate the kit as you locate any of your others.

  2. Hi Trulytango,
    your work is great i just would like to know if i download anything of your’s am i allowed to use them in cards that are sold. The cards would be ready made and in a flattened pre-printed form not downloadable. I understand that i can do this for charity but am i allowed to sell in general?

  3. Hi Trulytango
    Help please, how do I subscribe to your blog, I have registered with the site but now I have to enter blog details – totally clues and I really don’t want my own blog. I am so keen to download your freebies but there does not appear to be a dropdown to register with you.


    • Trulytango said:

      You don’t need to subscribe to the blog to access my freebie archive… just go to the ‘Keyword Search’ facility to the right of the site and select ‘Freebie’ from the drop down list. At the time of writing I have 31 freebies available via the relevant posts. Have fun!

  4. Virginia Barry (busy bee) said:

    Hello Iris

    I was trying to view the file on Photo Story 3 but it said that I need permission are to able to let me view.


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