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FREE Page Layouts!

I’m thrilled to let you know that the recent Page Layouts Challenge – part of the Design, Make and Share 2015 project – has resulted in 13 fabulous FREE page layouts for you to download! Available as a single, multiple page Craft Artist project file (.craft file), the Page Layouts are a wonderful addition to the Shades of Summer kit – if you haven’t yet downloaded this lovely kit and accompanying Styles, you’ll find links to it all HERE.

Now check out the winning Page Layouts in the Gallery below:


Here’s how to ADD the new Page Layouts to the Shades of Summer kit

1) Download the project file named DM&S2_PageLayouts.craft (at 65MB it is a large file so please be patient). Make sure you know the location of downloaded file on your PC – you will need that info for Step 2 below.

2) Open your Craft Artist software and go to File > Open. Navigate to the file you downloaded in Step 1 and select/open it. You will see all 13 layouts as individual pages.

3) Go to ‘Add items from Digikits’ and load the kit named Shades of Summer DM&S2 which you have previously downloaded and installed.

4) Go to Tools>Digikit Creator and open the Layouts category to the left of the screen

5) Click Add – you should see all 13 layouts appear in a box – just make sure each layout is selected/checked

6) Click OK

7) Choose ‘Save Digikit’ and enter the existing kit name i.e. Shades of Summer DM&S2

8) Click ‘Save’ – you should be told that the kit already exist, and asked if you wish to replace it

9) Click ‘Yes’ to save your extended version of the kit

10) The Shades of Summer DM&S2 Digikit is now updated and complete

I hope you enjoy using the layouts – simply drop your photos into the frames, change colours and amend text if you wish… the possibilities are endless. I must also encourage you to expand the Layers palette and discover how the pages are put together – they are an insight into how other people work with Craft Artist and offer a superb learning opportunity.

To close this post, here are some very special photos I scrapped using a winning layout by Littlebrownhen. My beautiful Burmese cat, Babe, reached the grand old age of 19 earlier this week. The page layout was a pleasure to work with and I love the result. Thank you Sam!

Birthday Babe 19


Using overlays to add texture in Craft Artist

Hello everyone

Recently, a couple of questions were asked over on Daisy Trail. One lady was interested in adding  ‘Swiss Dots’ to her page and another wanted to add a crumpled paper effect  – so  I suggested using overlays which are very easy to create in Craft Artist.

Before I tell you how to make overlays, here are a couple of samples I made this week – followed by the download links to the files:

 Download links

Crumpled Paper Overlay

Swiss Dots (1)

Swiss Dots (2)

How to use the overlays

When you open the downloads, bring the files into Craft Artist/DSA2 via the ‘Photos’ tab… don’t worry about them being a drab grey colour, because all that will change when you use them with a Blend Mode. Just drag ANY background onto your page, and with the overlay layer selected, set the Blend Mode to ‘Overlay’. That’s all there is to it – your background will take on board the texture and shading of the overlay file, as seen in the samples above. If you want a more pronounced textured effect, simply duplicate the overlay layer and set that particular blend mode to ‘Soft Light’.

How to save the overlays

Some of you will already have my free pack of original Textured Overlays – if not there’s a link below – but to add these new overlays to that collection, a quick way is to simply load the Digikit and drag these additional files into the workspace and then over to the Embellishments tab… after that shut down your software. You will be asked if you wish to save the project/scrapbook (just say No) but with regards to saving the changes to the Digikit, you should say YES and either save the digikit with the same name (in other words overwrite it) or save the digikit with a new name entirely – its up to you.

Go to Trulytango’s free Textured Overlay Pack

Make your own Crumpled Paper Overlay

  • The crumpled paper overlay started life as a real piece of white paper thrown in the waste-paper basket.
  • I scanned it and brought it into Craft Artist and took it into Photolab.
  • In Photolab, I boosted the Levels (via the sliders in Adjustments>Levels) where I made the shadows darker and the highlights brighter to give the creases more definition.
  • Next I coloured the paper grey by placing a grey quickshape on top and applying a ‘Colour’ Blend Mode.
  • Final thing was to export the page as a JPEG @ 300 dpi, after which it was ready to use as explained above.
Suggestion – you could try this with creased paper or card!

Make your own embossed overlay (as per my Swiss Dots)

  • Create a large square quickshape on your page – colour it mid grey
  • Add similarly grey-coloured shapes, text or even dingbats to form a pattern that you like – Craft Artist’s ‘Replicate’ feature will help you to space things evenly and make light work of reproducing the rows if required
  • In Filter Effects (FX), add depth and shading (embossing) to your pattern/objects – you can experiment with your own settings or use the ones I am about to provide
  • Export the completed page/overlay as a JPEG @ 300 dpi for use as per the previous instructions

Trulytango Overlay Effect

Not up to speed with filter effects? Don’t worry, you can still have a bash at creating your own overlays. The following link takes you to a regular Craft Artist file (.craft project). You should download it and save it somewhere convenient on your PC, thereafter open it in Craft Artist by going to File>Open.

The project contains a single page, coloured grey for your convenience. Also on the page is a simple shape to which I have applied my own overlay settings. Feel free to lift the grey colour and add the Embossed Overlay Effect to your own Effects collection, following the instructions on the page.

Download the Effect

Trulytango Overlay Effect

CUTE Stitched Letters!

Hello everyone

Thanks for all the great feedback re my Word Book Template and Instructions… someone asked me how to outline the letters, so I have added a new FREE tutorial explaining how to do just that. The CUTE sample above shows the letters outlined with an embroidery brush, but you can use the same process to add a simple plain outline using the the ‘Line’ feature instead of brushes.

I have really enjoyed using Daisy Trail’s  Snugs and Hugs kit with my Word Book Template in support of Tommy’s! If you have found the project files interesting or have learned something new, please consider visiting the Daisy Trail Fundraising Page and join others who have already made a donation to this worthy cause.

THANKS! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Click here to support the Daisy Trail Tommy’s appeal

Don’t forget that although the suggested donations start at 10 pounds sterling on the Fundraising page, you CAN enter a smaller amount in the box marked ‘Other’ if you wish.  How about donating just £1.00?

Download the stitched letters pdf

Click HERE to download the tutorial

How to make a Word Book!

Hi guys

If you are wondering how easy it is to make a Word Book in Craft Artist – look no further! I have now completed a FREE PDF of instructions that will hopefully get your creative juices flowing – see download link at the bottom of this post.

Word Books make great greetings cards. I’m sure we can all think of a whole host of short words  that would look great on this size of project e.g. MUM, DAD, BOY, GIRL, LOVE, SON, COOL, NOEL, CUTE etc. or how about numbers to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries – ONE, TWO, FOUR, FIVE, SIX, NINE, TEN… 3, 7, 8, 18, 21, 40, 50 and so on.

Why not have a go yourself?

Thanks to ALL of you for your support

Click here to support the Daisy Trail Tommy’s appeal

Don’t forget that although the suggested donations start at 10 pounds sterling on the Daisy Trail Fundraising page, you CAN enter a smaller amount in the box marked ‘Other’ if you wish.  How about donating just £1.00?

ONE POUND! Every little helps!

THANKS! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Download the Instructions

Download the PDF Guide

NEW! Tommy’s Word Book

Hello there

If you’ve visited Daisy Trail recently, you’ll probably know that Serif are supporting Tommy’s and lots of members have already bought the special  Snugs and Hugs kit in aid of this worthy cause.

With my own interest growing in using Craft Artist to make cards etc, I have created a versatile Word Book Template. It was fun to make and I can’t wait to get cracking on some Word Book style cards… here is one I will be making with Serif’s Snugs and Hugs kit:

The template layout is sized for A4/Landscape orientation, and it contains all 26 letters of the alphabet, 10 numbers and some useful special characters. Just drag a background onto each page and customise the letters any way you like. In the sample above I have cropped each letter to material from the kit, added outlines to match and decorated each page with a selection of cute embellishments. The completed, trimmed and assembled card will fit into a Word Book envelope measuring 12.25″ by 4.5″ , available to buy over on

I am offering my Word Book Template free of charge – you’ll find a download link below. But if you like it, please show your appreciation by visiting Daisy Trail’s Fundraising page and make a small donation toTommy’s.

THANK YOU! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Download the template

Download the Word Book Template by Trulytango

Make a donation

Go to Daisytrail’s Fundraising Page

Please follow the link below to go to Daisy Trail’s Fundraising page and make a small donation if you can… although the suggested donations start at 10 pounds sterling on the Fundraising page, you CAN enter a smaller amount in the box marked ‘Other’ if you wish.  How about donating just ONE POUND? Every little helps!

Forget-me-not Photo Cubes

Happy New Year to everyone!

Here’s a pair of pretty ‘Forget-me-not’ Photo Cubes for you (supplied in soft pink and powder blue options)… just drag a photo into each of the intelligent frames and you’re good to go! From baby photos and general birthdays, through to Mother’s Day – you’re bound to find a use for them! Print on A4 Photo paper for a 2″ cube, or A5 paper for a 1″ cube.

Have fun!


Download the cube templates

Click HERE to download the file

File supplied in Serif’s.craft format. Simply download and save the file in the same place you save your own projects. Thereafter open Craft Artist and open the file by going to File>Open

Snow-globe for your cutouts!

Hi guys

Last year I made a globe that contained an intelligent frame… but to give it a more realistic edge for Christmas 2011, I have updated it so it can house your own specially cut-out images. Simply position your cutout over the globe and then drag the layer so that it lies inside the globe (between the falling snow and the snowdrift) as per this sample page over on Daisy Trail:

Once you expand the group over in the layers palette, you can expand the Base layers (front & top) and change the colour or add your chosen effect; you can also rotate the Snowdrift layer to change the angle. You can also reduce the opacity of the Falling Snow layer if you like!

Just to let you know, the ‘glass’ parts of this globe have been recreated in Craft Artist, following an original Photoshop tutorial by Linda Sattgast (Adobe’s Scrapbooking expert), over on The Scrappers Guide.

Personal use only!

download the page

Click here to download

Supplied in Serif.craft file format. Download and Save to the same place you store your own pages!

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