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FREE Page Layouts!

I’m thrilled to let you know that the recent Page Layouts Challenge – part of the Design, Make and Share 2015 project – has resulted in 13 fabulous FREE page layouts for you to download! Available as a single, multiple page Craft Artist project file (.craft file), the Page Layouts are a wonderful addition to the Shades of Summer kit – if you haven’t yet downloaded this lovely kit and accompanying Styles, you’ll find links to it all HERE.

Now check out the winning Page Layouts in the Gallery below:


Here’s how to ADD the new Page Layouts to the Shades of Summer kit

1) Download the project file named DM&S2_PageLayouts.craft (at 65MB it is a large file so please be patient). Make sure you know the location of downloaded file on your PC – you will need that info for Step 2 below.

2) Open your Craft Artist software and go to File > Open. Navigate to the file you downloaded in Step 1 and select/open it. You will see all 13 layouts as individual pages.

3) Go to ‘Add items from Digikits’ and load the kit named Shades of Summer DM&S2 which you have previously downloaded and installed.

4) Go to Tools>Digikit Creator and open the Layouts category to the left of the screen

5) Click Add – you should see all 13 layouts appear in a box – just make sure each layout is selected/checked

6) Click OK

7) Choose ‘Save Digikit’ and enter the existing kit name i.e. Shades of Summer DM&S2

8) Click ‘Save’ – you should be told that the kit already exist, and asked if you wish to replace it

9) Click ‘Yes’ to save your extended version of the kit

10) The Shades of Summer DM&S2 Digikit is now updated and complete

I hope you enjoy using the layouts – simply drop your photos into the frames, change colours and amend text if you wish… the possibilities are endless. I must also encourage you to expand the Layers palette and discover how the pages are put together – they are an insight into how other people work with Craft Artist and offer a superb learning opportunity.

To close this post, here are some very special photos I scrapped using a winning layout by Littlebrownhen. My beautiful Burmese cat, Babe, reached the grand old age of 19 earlier this week. The page layout was a pleasure to work with and I love the result. Thank you Sam!

Birthday Babe 19


After 6 weeks of challenges over on Daisy Trail and polls here on Trulytango Scraps, the Shades of Summer digikit is now complete and ready to download. From start to finish, setting the weekly challenges, organising the polls and collating the winning items has been a bit of a challenge in itself for me, but well worth the effort when I look at the contents of the kit – and I’m sure you will agree. So I’d like to offer a big THANK YOU to everyone who took part in this project – from designing items for the challenges to voting in the polls. I think we all learned something and had some fun along the way!

Follow the link below to download the Shades of Summer Digikit and all those fabulous NEW Graphic Styles:

Go to Download Page


Letters Gallery and Poll

If you are following the progress of the Design, Make and Share challenges you will be aware we have already chosen some beautiful Backgrounds, Embellishments and Frames for inclusion in the  Shades of Summer Challenge kit.

Now it is time to choose the Letters that will ship with the Digikit. You can see all the entries in the Letters Gallery here on Trulytango Scraps – have a good look and choose up to 3 favourites – then go vote for them in the poll

View the Letters Gallery

Go to the Letters Poll

The letter set with the highest number of votes will be included in the Shades of Summer kit.

Brushes Gallery and Poll

The Shades of Summer Collaborative kit is coming along nicely! Craft Artist users (and fans) have already chosen the Backgrounds, Embellishments and Frames for the kit – and this week you are invited to come vote for the Brushes!

You can see all the entries over in the Brushes Gallery on Trulytango Scraps – each brush has its own unique number, and there are 105 beautiful brushes from which to choose! You can choose up to 15 individual brushes – just make a note of their numbers and then Go to the Brushes Poll


Frames Gallery and Poll

Hello everyone

As you may already be aware, we are currently in the middle of the Design, Make & Share Challenge for 2015. Daisy Trailers and fans of Serif’s Craft Artist software have been busy designing Frames for a Collaborative kit to be name Shades of Summer

This weekend sees the opening of the Poll to choose the Frames for the kit. Everyone is invited to cast their vote for the Top 5 entries. There are some brilliant entries – you can view them all in detail, and learn how they were created over on Daisy Trail via the link below:

Frames Challenge over on Daisy Trail

To cast your vote please go to the Poll here on Trulytango Scraps via the link below:

Go to the Frames Poll


Hello everyone

We have a wonderful selection of Embellishments chosen by YOU for the soon to be released kit “Shades of Summer”! You can view the full poll results HERE!

Congratulations to the winners, well done to everyone who took part in the challenge and thanks to all who voted…  keep an eye on your mailbox for the launch of the next part of the Design, Make and Share Challenge. It will focus on Brushes – can’t wait to see what y’all come up with next!

Happy Scrapping



Hello everyone

This is just a quick post about the brilliant Design, Make & Share Challenge 2015 currently taking place over on Daisy Trail. If you don’t already know about this collection of Challenges you’ll find more information on the following page:

About the Design, Make & Share Challenge 2015

As the Challenge administrator, I have opted to display the entries and host the polls here on Trulytango Scraps – mainly due to ease with which this WordPress blog allows me to do such things – but the bulk of the action is taking place over on Daisy Trail. That’s where you will find the rules/criteria for each part of this Event. The aim of the Challenge is to produce a collaborative kit named ‘Shades of Summer‘.

If you missed the start of this 6 week Challenge, you can catch up via the links below:

See the Winning Backgrounds Gallery

See the Embellishments entries – and yes, there’s still time to VOTE for your favourites in the Poll

Take part in the Frames Challenge – see the Challenge rules over on Daisy Trail

Even if you don’t have time to take part – you are more than welcome to view the entries, vote for your favourites and download a copy of the completed kit once the Challenge is over. So keep an eye on your mailbox for further details.

Thanks and Happy Scrapping!

Iris aka Trulytango



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