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CUTE Stitched Letters!

Hello everyone

Thanks for all the great feedback re my Word Book Template and Instructions… someone asked me how to outline the letters, so I have added a new FREE tutorial explaining how to do just that. The CUTE sample above shows the letters outlined with an embroidery brush, but you can use the same process to add a simple plain outline using the the ‘Line’ feature instead of brushes.

I have really enjoyed using Daisy Trail’s  Snugs and Hugs kit with my Word Book Template in support of Tommy’s! If you have found the project files interesting or have learned something new, please consider visiting the Daisy Trail Fundraising Page and join others who have already made a donation to this worthy cause.

THANKS! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Click here to support the Daisy Trail Tommy’s appeal

Don’t forget that although the suggested donations start at 10 pounds sterling on the Fundraising page, you CAN enter a smaller amount in the box marked ‘Other’ if you wish.  How about donating just £1.00?

Download the stitched letters pdf

Click HERE to download the tutorial

Comments on: "CUTE Stitched Letters!" (8)

  1. Thank you Iris agin can’t wait to try, it looks great

    Wendy xx

  2. Anniesmum said:

    Thank you Iris

  3. thanks Iris for the letters. they look very nice.

  4. Thank You Iris, i love word books, looking forward to having ago.

  5. Thank you so much for this & the word book template. You are so clever & kind to share these with us.

  6. Thank You so much Iris your tutorial’s are invaluable.


  7. Thank you so much…!!

  8. Thank you Iris.

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