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Forget-me-not Photo Cubes

Happy New Year to everyone!

Here’s a pair of pretty ‘Forget-me-not’ Photo Cubes for you (supplied in soft pink and powder blue options)… just drag a photo into each of the intelligent frames and you’re good to go! From baby photos and general birthdays, through to Mother’s Day – you’re bound to find a use for them! Print on A4 Photo paper for a 2″ cube, or A5 paper for a 1″ cube.

Have fun!


Download the cube templates

Click HERE to download the file

File supplied in Serif’s.craft format. Simply download and save the file in the same place you save your own projects. Thereafter open Craft Artist and open the file by going to File>Open

Comments on: "Forget-me-not Photo Cubes" (8)

  1. Thank you Iris, The christmas one was much liked so think this will be a hit too

  2. Irene Agnew said:

    Hi Iris, I have found it (whos a silly billy) me me me

  3. Irene Agnew said:

    Hi Iris, I am abit confused (doesnt take much) when I open it in CA it still only brings the pink one, I scroll up and down but there is only the one, do I have to do something else.

    Thanks again

  4. thank you for this cube i am really greatful , will enjoy making this with my grandchildren xx

  5. Thank You Iris

    These are lovely and your genrosity is appreciated


  6. Irene Agnew said:

    Hi Iris, thanks for the ‘forget me not’ cube, looking forward to using them, forgive me for asking where do I find the blue option.

    Thanks again


    • Trulytango said:

      Hi Irene… the download is a single file/scrapbook project containing two pages. The blue version is on page two! TTFN Iris

  7. Angie Bailey said:

    Thanks for yet another fab freeebie – much appreciated Angie xx

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