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Snow-globe for your cutouts!

Hi guys

Last year I made a globe that contained an intelligent frame… but to give it a more realistic edge for Christmas 2011, I have updated it so it can house your own specially cut-out images. Simply position your cutout over the globe and then drag the layer so that it lies inside the globe (between the falling snow and the snowdrift) as per this sample page over on Daisy Trail:

Once you expand the group over in the layers palette, you can expand the Base layers (front & top) and change the colour or add your chosen effect; you can also rotate the Snowdrift layer to change the angle. You can also reduce the opacity of the Falling Snow layer if you like!

Just to let you know, the ‘glass’ parts of this globe have been recreated in Craft Artist, following an original Photoshop tutorial by Linda Sattgast (Adobe’s Scrapbooking expert), over on The Scrappers Guide.

Personal use only!

download the page

Click here to download

Supplied in Serif.craft file format. Download and Save to the same place you store your own pages!

Comments on: "Snow-globe for your cutouts!" (19)

  1. Wonderful, as always. Thank you so much for sharing with us. You are a smart and talented lady.

  2. annettte r said:

    Wonderful once again Iris, Thanks for your generousity and a Happy New Year to you and the family. Hope you are well and life is treating you kind. Hugs..Annette (Australia)

  3. Thanks very much, Iris. It looks lovely.

  4. It looks really great.Thank you very much and I hope you have a Verry Merry Christmas and a Happy 2012

  5. Iris I think your work inspiring and wonderful thank-you for all your free bies
    may the L.ord Bless you this Christmas and have a Happy new Year
    All my Love Chantel

  6. Stunning Iris, just want to know do I have to have last years cut out as I do not have it.
    Another thing I see that on file there is a cut option – I have just got the silhoutte cameo but when I click on cut .., the silhoutte does not appear on my printer options – (is it compatible with CAP) I do not know how to get this sorted and I do not find the website helpful at all and for some reason cannot -mail the support team – may be because I am not linked to outlook – tried via gmail but they just bombed me out. I am atually sort I bought the product now as I cannot seem to use any of my own graphics to cut out.
    Thank you so much for all the wonderful freebies and videos – you are a star.
    I wish you a very happy Christmas and I hope the New Year brings your, love, peace, joy and lots of happiness.

    Kind regards

    • Trulytango said:

      Hi there. I hope I have not confused you by use of the term ‘cutouts’? I think you are referring to things that can literally be ‘cut out’ with a cutting machine, but this file was not designed with that in mind. I’ve never used a cutting machine myself, so I’m afraid I can’t help you with yours. This file is simply a page containing multiple layers, between which you can insert an image that has already been cut out i.e. extracted from its background. To create a suitable image to sit inside the globe you can use the Cutout Studio in Craft Artist, or any other program you might prefer. I tend to use Photoshop for my own cutout/extracted images, as I find I get better results than I do in Cutout Studio.

      Merry Christmas to You and Yours!

  7. Thank you Iris, will have a play, when I have time. Your card was beautiful. Happy Christmas. Wendy xx

  8. Many thanks! This looks gorgeous, so must have a play when I find a bit of time :o)

  9. Jean Mills said:

    Thanks Iris, and your card is beautifil too!
    You are so clever – such an inspiration to us all.
    Merry Chrismas
    Jean M

  10. Thanks for this versatile snowglobe Iris! Got just the baby photo to put in itl.

  11. this is lovely, thanks. Merry Christmas

  12. Thank you, this snow globe is brilliant and much appreciated! I can’t wait to use it but may have to wait until Xmas is over with and everything has calmed down.
    Best wishes for a lovely Xmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.

  13. Thank you SO much…lovely…I love snow globes…..Have a Merry Christmas and A Happy and Blessed New Year…xx Johanna

  14. Donna Morris said:

    Thank you very much, Iris. Will enjoy using this.

  15. Carol Edwards [CAEdwards] said:

    That’s brilliant, Iris. Many thanks. I’m going to enjoy playing with it.

  16. Donna Fedyna said:

    Beautiful, Iris, thank you and Merry Christmas!

  17. This looks lovely, Iris. Thank you very much. ūüôā

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