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Make a Stacked Frame

It’s been a while, but I’m back with a quick PDF of instructions outlining how to make an interesting stacked frame effect in Craft Artist… see image above.

This was inspired by DT member odinaz‘s question and Wendyp‘s reply. I thought maybe odinaz would benefit from written instructions so here they are – click the link below to oen the PDF. You can then opt to save a copy if you wish:

Stacked frames

Alternatively, you can download the PDF directly via MediaFire via the link below:

Download the PDF via MediaFire



Comments on: "Make a Stacked Frame" (15)

  1. Thank you so much for this tutorial i love it but I have a problem, I cannot get my photo to stick to my frame, I have followed instructions as stated and the only thing I have done differently is after i have converted to a bitmap I dont get an automatic convert to frame icon i have to click on SELECT first then the convert to frame icon appears so I don’t know if that makes any difference,
    If anyone would be able to help me I would be very grateful,
    thank you

    • Trulytango said:

      Hi Barbara, yes, you are right in making sure ‘Select’ is active – only then will you see the ‘Convert to frame’ command. Once you have used that command though, the frame should work as expected. I must admit frames such as these will work easier in Craft Artist, because the intelligent aperture of any frame turns blue when you drag in a photo i.e. it lets you you know when you should ‘drop’ your photo into it. All I can say is that when dragging in a photo, the very tip of your mouse must reach the centre of these particular frame shapes… so take care and go slowly if you have made your ‘stack’ portions quite slim, and remember the apertures for these frames is the rectangular shape itself – not the empty bit within it. Hope that helps!

    • PERFECT, Thank you very much for answering and resolving my problem. Happy New Year to you.

  2. Hi Iris-thanks so much for this! I am so looking forward to trying it out!
    Luv, Maz

  3. Hi Iris
    thank you very much for your tut nice to hear that you are back.


  4. Nice to see you back Iris!

  5. Carol Edwards [CAEdwards] said:

    Iris, Nice to hear from you again. Thanks so much for the stacked frames tutorial. It looks amazing and I cannot wait to try it out.

    Carol XX

  6. rosabelle1944 said:

    Thanks so much for this tut. Iris ….it makes a lot more sense now!!! Hope you are well. Regards Rosabelle x

  7. Mary Hill said:

    Thanks Iris, it’s nice to have you back. I was wandering actually if it is the same thing or similar to cutting your photo with the scissors tool and moving it in a bit each time and using the shift key of course to keep all the cuts as you are going. Does this make sense?

    Mary (oldfinger)

    • Trulytango said:

      Hi Mary… If I am correctly visualising what you describe, then I think this result is a bit different in that each of the outer cutouts comprises the same part of the image i.e. the outer edge, albeit reducing in size – a bit like having tunnel vision? I haven’t tried it though, so don’t take my word for it! Maybe you can trial it and post a sample over on DT. TTFN. Iris

      EDIT: I think Angie B over on DT has done it the way you describe ii.e. with scissors – and it looks just the same. I think the benefit of doing it the way I did is you end up with a template you can use agin – but then, the scissors are probably a more fun tool to use… like Angie says, there’s more than one way to skin a cat! Poor puss…

  8. Fabulous… thank you so much. It will breathe new life into photographs. 🙂

  9. Just downloaded your instructions and can hardly wait to try them!!! Your sample inspired me to try this method.

  10. Thank you so much for this great tutorial. And, I love the kitty in your frame. I really appreciate your willingness to share your expertise, as you have shared many freebies.

    I have a giant question. You have created some great effects (Silver, Medieval, etc) that I use over and over in my layouts and to create frames, etc. As I play with creating my own effects, I have no idea how to establish them as effects in Craft Artist. I end up writing them down and having to re-create them each time. Would you do a tutorial on the process of how to save your effects into Craft Artist?

    • Trulytango said:

      Hello Diane… if you have followed the instructions I supplied with my effects and have managed to add the effects to your own software, then you use exactly the same when saving your own. If you come up with an effect you like, just apply it to a simple object on your page e.g. a quick shape, and then right-click>Add to effects or go to Format and choose Add to effects.

      Of course, I may have over-simplified your question. You refer to having to write things down. I suspect you are referring to the settings within the FX tab? If you are asking for a tutorial on which-of-those-settings-do-what, then I’m afraid that isn’t possible. Most of the contents of the FX centre are absolute gobbledy-gook to me… my own effects are the result of many hours playing around, during which time I never make notes – I just save the effects (i.e. the basic effect) as previously described. If I want to amend or tweak an effect, I first apply the basic effect to an object then go in and change colours or other settings. When I get the look I want I add the effect to my existing stash.

  11. Thank you so much. I just love this look.


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