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My FREEBIE Archives

Hello everyone – I hope this little note find you all well and enjoying your digital scrapbooking hobby!

This is just a little reminder for new visitors and existing subscribers too – please note that ALL my freebies have direct links attached to each of their original posts. To bring up the full list of my FREEBIE alerts, please use the Keyword Search facility to the right of the site – just choose FREEBIE from the drop-down list and off you go to get the goodies.

I had a few people contact me lately regarding freebies they think they may have missed out on… rest assured, it’s all here once you know where to look;)

Happy Scrapping


Comments on: "My FREEBIE Archives" (3)

  1. Margaret Smith said:

    Thanks Iris for another great Freebie! You’re a star
    Best wishes
    Margaret (Rosie11)

  2. Angie Bailey said:

    Thanks for the link. Just checked to see if there were any I missed and ended up on a ‘hunt the computer’ session lol!! I knew I had downloaded some things but couldn’t find them. It was from my early days on DT when I really hadn’t a clue what I was doing ha ha (still don’t at times lol) I found them in a file I didn’t even know I had and hopefully by now I will know what to do with them!!
    Thank you for all your hard work making all the lovely goodies for us all to share it has been much appreciated. Hope your new path in life will turn out to be special for you
    Love Angie xx

    • Trulytango said:

      Hi Angie… my freebies come in a range of file formats. From digikit.pack files through to scrapbook.Sbp files. You’ll find info on what to do with them over on the page named ‘Any Questions?’ accessible via the links to the right of the site. Thanks!

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