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Thanks and TTFN!

Hello Scrappers!

Many thanks for all your recent messages, they are very much appreciated.  The Trulytango Shop has now closed – a case of here today and gone tomorrow… but when it boils down to closing the entire site, I must confess to having second thoughts. I’ve put such a lot of effort into this place during the last year, and besides, there’s some pretty good stuff on here! Not only has Trulytango Scraps proved popular with Serif scrappers – it has also been getting regular visits from the people attending my community classes. So here’s the deal… Trulytango Scraps is going to remain online with links to all tutorials and freebies still intact.

There may even be some new things posted from time to time, so if you remain subscribed, you’ll hear about that if and when it happens. In the meantime though, things are going to get a bit quieter around here and I won’t be on hand to answer any further questions you might have – to address this I’ve added a new page named Any Questions. It deals with key issues re file formats etc., but don’t forget that there are many knowledgeable people over on Daisy Trail – who’ll be more than happy to help you out if you get stuck with something and don’t know what to do!

Thanks again and Happy Scrapping!

Iris aka Trulytango

PS. As a little parting gift, here’s a link to little Digikit I’ve called ‘TTFN’… for those of you from across The Pond, that means ‘Ta-Ta For Now’. This little FREEBIE contains two of the nicest frames AND some super-duper *Effects to apply to them! Check out the preview layouts below then go get your copy…

*To add effects to your software, first open up your chosen Effects category and right-click the heart shapes I provided. Then choose ‘Add to Effects’ from the menu that appears.

Comments on: "Thanks and TTFN!" (24)

  1. Thank you again for sharing. I really love all of your creations and the fact that you also include effects for us to add is extra special. We will miss you but wish you all the best in the future. God Bless You and all of your family.

  2. annettte r said:

    Lovely work !… sorry it had to be a parting gift. No good bye’s, just holiday time — We will all see you sometime in the future. Enjoy your rest and hope the future brings you much happiness. Hugs .. Annette. Thanks for sharing all your work with us all. !!!!

  3. Hi Iris I woud like to thank you for your help and wish you all the very best with what ever you intend to do in the future,and hope you will still be around DT.


  4. Karen aka Dorsetkarri said:

    Thankyou Iris for these beautiful frames and effects, you have been so kind and generous to us all – Wishing you all the very best for the future,may your creativity and talent bring you all you could wish for!

    karen M xx

  5. Thank you so much for everything! I love all the effects and the tutorials.
    Anybody who’s seen WInnie the Pooh would remember that Tigger likes to say “TTFN”.

  6. Thank you for the new effects, I really appreciate all all your work both freebies and all that I have purchased. i wish you well in all that you do.



  7. Thank you so much for your gift, absolutely gorgeous ! You are so talented, and generous. Best wishes for wherever your future leads you.

  8. Thanks so much for all your hard work and for sharing! The very best of luck to you-hope to see you around on DT xx

  9. Thanks ever so much for the lovely parting gift. I hope things turn around for those in business and otherwise. Hugs, Geri

  10. Thank you for all that you have shared with all of us.

  11. Donna aka Turtle18 said:

    Thank you for everything you have done for us. You are a very generous person. Wish you all the best in all you do. You will be missed. The new kit is gorgeous,Thank you.

  12. Anniesmum said:

    Thank you so much for allowing us continued access to your wonderful library of freebies.
    Truly Generous!
    Hope to meet up with you again on DT. Wishing you all the very best. Lynda xx

  13. summersara72 said:

    There beautiful Iris, thankyou so much for all you’ve done. xx

  14. Thank you so much – absolutely beautiful frames and effects.


  15. Susan Green said:

    Thanks so much for all you have done for all of us scrappers!! Best of luck in the future!
    Susan from Texas

  16. Dee Woods-Jeram said:

    Thanks Iris,
    Hugs Dee xxx

  17. Brenda Lee said:

    Thank you so much for all you have shared and the help you have been. Love these new frames thank you

    lv Brenda

  18. Iris am really chuffed you may still be around from time to time! and thank you for TTFN and everything else you’ve shared.

  19. Lorraine said:

    TT4N. a big thank you 4 all you have done for us over the years. good luck in the future
    from Lorraine XX

  20. DianeMackie said:

    I agree with all but say a special thankyou and hope that you can go forward and enjoy your possible and new boundries… Thankyou and best wishes

    Diane xxx

  21. Sheila Hamill said:

    You will be so badly missed, another THANK YOU for all your help, and all the very best for the future. Hopefully, you’ll find a little time to come back occasionally.

  22. I agree with Angie….you are SO generous….wishing you well and hope to be able to see you and your pages on Daisytrail…THANKS for all your support….xxxoo Johanna

  23. Thank you so much for all you’ve shared!

  24. Angie Bailey said:

    Generous to a fault as always. Many thanks again Iris and I hope your new future, whatever that may be, will an exciting and profitable time for you Love Angie Bailey xx

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