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Closing Down Sale!

Hi guys!

After what seems like too short a time – less than a year, around 350 subscribers, almost 35,000 ‘hits’ and what seems like an ever-expanding mailbox – I’ve decided to close down Trulytango Scraps at the end of July. The main reason is I do not have the time required to maintain things at the pace I originally set for myself, and rather than leave the site to languish in cyberspace I’m choosing to wind things up properly.

So, for the next two weeks I am having a CLOSING DOWN SALE – you can go grab yourselves a bargain because I’ve reduced the price of ALL my packs to just £1.00 each!

Happy Scrapping!

Comments on: "Closing Down Sale!" (16)

  1. annettte r said:

    OH !! Golly goodness, we on DT will all miss you !!!, especially with your help-advice and of course so many free treats you have shared with us all. Inspiring fits the bill. Enjoy your freedom and life ahead and look forward to some scrap pages in the forum from you in the future. Hugs. Annette. (Australia)

  2. Anne Reinker said:

    Iris, I think you already know how much you have helped me – by getting me started into scrapbooking and also with some ProShow concepts. Thank you so much, and a second thanks for the wonderful bargains I obtained last night from your close-out sale. I’ve been playing with them all day today. Hope you continue to stay active in the ProShow Community!


  3. ChrissieW said:

    Thank you for all your help and inspiration. Hope you get to enjoy the newest member of your family.
    best wishes

  4. So sorry to hear that………… you have done a fabulous job andothers my myself surely appreciate all the hard work you have put in.
    Take care and all the best

  5. Athough iI have not been scrapping for very long I would like to thank you for your help, and hope that you will still be around DT,and also one of my friends, once again Iris Thank you.


  6. Hi Iris, was suprized to hear you were closing down shop. I often wondered how you could keep up with all the irons in the fire or is it fingers in the pies? You do need a rest and I will be thinking of you when I use your gifts. You have been such a big help. Hugs.

  7. Angie Bailey said:

    So sorry to hear the sad news Iris but know where you are coming from. Thanks for all the help and advice you have given during my time on DT and I hope that we will still see you on DT when you have some spare time.
    Angie xx

  8. Sylvia Smelt said:

    I’ve just downloaded your lovely pastel kit and I know it will be as useful and beautiful as all the other items you have shared with us in the past. Like the other Daisytrailers, I am very sorry that you have decided not to continue with the site – though of course I respect your reasons for doing so. You have shared so much with us – your talent and your knowledge and, not least, your great enthusiasm for creating beautiful and interesting things. I hope we may still be able to remain “friends” on Daisytrail. Good Luck with whatever you plan to do next! Sylvia

  9. Dee Woods-Jeram said:

    Such a shame Iris,you taught me a lot,find it hard to do a page without embossing now……Thank you for all your help.
    hugs Dee xxx

  10. Anniesmum said:

    Thankyou for all the hard work you have done in putting together the products on this website. The effects and frames in particular are legendary as is your embossing tutorial. I am truly sorry that you have decided to close but do very much understand the ever pressing time constraints. Hope you will still have some time for scrapping on Daisytrail as well as spending more time with the new addition to the family. Sending all good wishes.

  11. Mary Hill said:

    Oh Iris, you will be missed but thank you for everything in the past. You are a very talented lady. I hope you are not leaving Daisytrail aswell? The very best of luck for the future and may your past generosity be rewarded.

    Mary (oldfinger) x

  12. I hate closing down sales – they make me feel mean for not buying earlier on the – completely true – grounds of not having enough time 😦 I understand the time factor and the maintenance required and I feel quite privileged to be able to enjoy your quite unique designs. See you around and thankyou 🙂 Sunset/Hilary

  13. I am sorry but wish you the very best. Your tutorials have been a wonderful help and your products are fantastic. Thank you so much for all your help and your great talent. Good luck.

  14. Susan (aka Krazy4Katz) said:

    Sorry to hear you’re closing shop. You create the most wonderful things, especially your effects and tutorials. I’ll be checking out your shop!

  15. Bearfur said:

    Will miss you and your gifts that get me try new things. You are sweet .
    Hope you have more time to enjoy lifes little gifts.
    Take care friend.
    Happy Heart

  16. You’ve been a wonderful source of high-quality products, which will be missed, my friend.


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