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An Invitation!

Hi there

There’s been a lot of interest building lately over on Daisy Trail relating to slideshows, so I created a new group called ‘Slideshow Enthusiasts‘ where you can learn a few slideshow tricks and ‘secrets’!  You can also post links to any scrapbook-styled shows you’d like to share… I’m kicking things off with this little animated invitation to you all – just click the image below to view the invitation!


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  1. Thanks, Iris. I don’t know how I missed all this good information! Guess it caught me napping. Hope I’m not too late to look in on the tutorials. Hugs, Geri

  2. I love what you have done and have spent the last couple of hours trying to find a programme that will allow me to do something along the same lines with no success…Can you reccommend one?
    Happy srapping

    • Trulytango said:

      Hi Susan. If you watch the invitation again, you’ll notice that in the first part, the photos appear gradually inside the frames. This is a very simple techniques done over a series of slides and is doable in any slideshow program that will allow a cross-fade transition between the slides. Because these slides are basically identical, with the exception of each successive slide gaining a picture, the transition effect is only noticeable on the photos. The later part of the invitation, where the card slides out of the envelope, requires a slideshow program that will allow you to work in layers whilst also supporting png files with transparency. I use ProShow software by Photodex. Their basic product will allow you to do everything you saw in the demo.

  3. Thank you for your invite. i will look forward to learning and watching the tutorials. Have you got any tutorials on blending, if you have that would also be a great help to me, once again thank’s.


  4. Hi. Thanks for the invite-a great idea! I will be watching the tutorials!
    Maz xx

  5. Hi there, thanks so much for the invite. Yes, brilliant idea. I always learn so much from you and alway watch the tuts I can find.


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