Add a special touch to your VERY SPECIAL pages

Hi guys… it’s been a while since I last created a template to share on the site, but here is one I’ve found very useful. It’s pretty versatile and will sut a range of kits, themes and effects. Here’s my sample:

You can use the template’s frames ‘as is’ and just add different effects etc. or you could try adding paper/materials to the frames and shapes supplied – in which case you’ll achieve a totally unique look. There’s plenty of room for your journal too – but you could even take the natural space provided and fill it with a cluster of pretty embellishments if you prefer. It’s up to YOU!

This FREEBIE is provided as a regular scrapbook file i.e. it has the file extension .Sbp and is suitable for both DSA and CA

Have Fun!

🙂 🙂 🙂

Comments on: "Heritage-style Page Template" (2)

  1. This page looks really nice and I only hope I have success in being able to use it. Thank you

  2. Thanks so much Iris.

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