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Vesuvius Frames and Effect

Hi there

Inspired by a simple Roman mosaic pattern, Vesuvius is a collection of not-so-simple frames just destined to take on additional effects. I’ve tried them with a wide range of Serif’s built-in effects and they look superb… but I wanted to extend the ‘Roman’ feel so I created a hot new effect I’m calling ‘Vesuvius’. It works best on black or very dark coloured objects and gives a truly smouldering look. Check them out in the sample below:

Click to view in detail


‘Vesuvius’ comes to you in Serif’s scrapbook file format,  i.e. the file you are about to download has the extension .Sbp – you should save it in the same place you would save any scrapbooks you make yourself. After that just open DSA/CA and go to File>Open and locate the scrapbook file. The ‘intelligent’ frames are provided in plain greyscale so you can begin to play with them right away and the  ‘Vesuvius’ effect itself is supplied via the shape/text on the page.

To use the effect you’ll need to add it to your collection… please locate page 2 of the scrapbook file for full instructions on how to do this:

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THANK YOU! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Comments on: "Vesuvius Frames and Effect" (5)

  1. These are brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing them with us x

  2. Fantabulous! Jus love them! Fifi xx

  3. Thanks so much Iris these are lovely and thanks for sharing them with us!! x

  4. Dee Woods-Jeram said:

    fantastic new effect Iris, thankyou for sharing……..hugs Dee xxx

  5. Gosh, Iris, these look very special, positively sumptuous. Thank you for sharing these beautiful frames.

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