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Cocoa Frost Minikit

First up, apologies for the delay since my last post – I know a few of you enjoy receiving my mail/freebies – but things have been a bit hectic at this end and I’ve not had as much time as I’d like to devote to the blog.

Apart from increased work commitments in the real world, we’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of my husband’s first grandchild! In readiness for the pages I’ll no doubt be scrapping soon, I’ve been teaching myself how to make folded ribbons.  I’ve been working with a spot pattern and as well as the obvious pinks and blues I’m saving for the new arrival, I came up with a nice cocoa/latte shade to share with you!

Also included in this week’s FREE minikit is a new effect I’m calling ‘Cocoa Frost’. It works great on small items and outlines! Here’s a sample page I made with just some items from the kit – stars, frame and text feature the new effect:

Click to view in detail

The Cocoa Frost Minikit is FREE to download – supplied in Digikit.pack format. Download the file and double click it… at the prompt, browse to your own My Digikits folder to save/install it.

The new effect is supplied via the brown spot/element within the digikit’s layout. For further information on how to add effects such as  ‘Cocoa Frost’ to your own effects collection, please see instructions supplied within my previously issued Gold Scrapbook File

or, if you have a problem with exe files

*As with all my work, these files are provided for your personal use only.

If you like this freebie, please leave some feedback for me in this thread over on Daisy Trail

CLICK HERE to see my other effects!


Comments on: "Cocoa Frost Minikit" (18)

  1. Thank u for your new freebie . Have downloaded and cant wait to use it. love your work

  2. Gill (Roboflop) said:

    Hi Iris.
    Thank you for your reply

    I don’t know where I have gone wrong but I was OK in downloading your boderlines + the sample but since then (Hearts & Patterns, funky heart frame & gold tarnish) they havn’t opened? but your latest as you also put this in pack form I was OK as it’s so simple for me to put it straight into my digikits The ones above I downloaded to my desktop opened a new folder and tried that way!

    • Trulytango said:

      Gill… the three freebies you refer to are simply individual files inside zipped folders. The Trulytango Pretty Hearts Overlay is a single PNG graphic released on January 20th, likewise the Trulytango Funky Heart Frame released on January 21st… unzip the files and bring them into DSA/CA via the Photo tab or the Digikit Creator if you want to add them to your collection. The PNG graphics were intended for use with effects or blend modes as per the samples I posted. The Gold Tarnish effect is supplied as a regular scrapbook file… just unzip it and place it wherever you store the scrapbooks you have made yourself. Open it by going to File>Open from inside DSA or CA. The scrapbook contains instructions on how to get the gold effects into your software.

      If you’re unsure how to unzip files, this video may help:

  3. Gill (Roboflop) said:

    Thank you for all your time and effort you put into these kits it is really appreciated! Thank you also for doing two downloads ie the pack files as I hav’nt been able to open the last couple of freebies from you.Good luck with the new arrival how exciting!

    • Hi Gill. If you have trouble with any of my downloads just let me know and I will usually find a way of getting them to people via an alternate method. Iris

  4. annettte r said:

    Thanks once again for sharing your great work. love what you do. very inspirational.

  5. Love your freebies. Thanks

  6. Thanks Iris, really appreciated! Good luck on the new arrival

  7. Nora Hutcheson said:

    Thanks Iris, I always look forward to your kits thanks for sharing with us, I’m looking forward to grandchild no7 next month, and I’m just as excited as I was with the first, so I hope all goes well with your new addition to your family.xNora

  8. Thanks for the freebie, look forward to playing with it. x

  9. Love your work and love you for your generosity….many thanks and congrats on the new baby to come….

  10. Dee Woods-Jeram said:

    Many thanks Iris,look forward to trying this one,hugs Dee xxx

  11. Thanks again Truly Tango
    you are so talented and so generous!

  12. Thanks a lot Iris, this looks fabulous, really appreciated. This will look good on so many embellishments and frames, great for grunge & steampunk too. Look forward to seeing all your forthcoming scrapbooks of the new elf. Hope all goes well. Pauline

  13. Thanks a bunch Iris…… another Fabbie…….hugs Sue x

  14. Thankyou once again Iris. You are so generous.

  15. Thank you for the download Iris…looks great…love the page you’ve made and love the expression on your cat’s face….LOL x

  16. Thank you very much for the freebie you are too kind.Thanks

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