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Gold Tarnish Invitation

I love DSA, but I’m beginning to get tired of the built-in effects, aren’t you? That’s why I spent some time picking apart those effects to see what makes them ‘tick’. Eventually I came up with ‘Trulytango Gold’ – a recipe I really liked, and one I shared with subscribers a few weeks ago. Since then, I’ve created a whole series of shimmering effects that work brilliantly on simple frames, lettering and outlines especially. To show off the effects I also made a selection of Circular Segmented Frames – you can see one of them in the page below. The frame is outlined in an effect I’m calling ‘Gold Tarnish’ – and it’s this FREE effect I’m sharing with you this week:

Click to view in detail

Download Trulytango Gold (Serif.Sbp scrapbook format – instructions included)

Comments on: "Gold Tarnish Invitation" (5)

  1. Hi Iris
    So sorry it’s been so long before I could say a big thank you for this latest lovely effect. Loads going on here and I’ve only just got to downloading it to my pc. So easy to get into Craft Artist with your instructions too. The effects looks great – I had to have a play – now I’ve got to cook the dinner.
    Beryl xx

  2. Wow! Your Filigree Frames are absolutely amazingly beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing! ūüôā

  3. Cant seem to open the new download of gold effects, what am I doing wrong
    please help


    • Trulytango said:

      Please try the newer, scrapbook style download I have provided. Load the scrapbook as you would load any other. Follow the instructions given on the layout.

  4. clickpick28 said:

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful frames & overlays, I am really enjoying using them & they make such a difference to my scrapbook pages.

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