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Pretty Hearts and Patterns

Click to see a sample page made using 'Pretty Hearts'

This week’s FREEBIE is ‘Pretty Hearts’, a full page overlay containing a delicate sprinkling of hearts in each corner – feel free to use it and add a touch of romance to your cards, pages or other projects.

The Pretty Hearts overlay is a sample from my new collection  – a set of 20 beautifully decorated files including corner motifs and full page pattern overlays.  The new Patterned Overlay Collection can be used with a huge range and style of background papers.  Unlike my previous free overlays and borders, this set is not textured or embossed, the overlays are purely patterned for you to use them in any way you please. Try them with a variety of blend modes to add depth and pattern to papers and materials, or convert them to stencils, the choice is up to you!  Here’s a demo featuring a selection of the overlays in action with various blend modes applied:

Grab your FREE copy  of the ‘Pretty Hearts’ overlay via the link below:

Download Pretty Hearts Overlay

Comments on: "Pretty Hearts and Patterns" (2)

  1. Thank you Iris……this is beautiful. Cant wait to use it!!

  2. You have done it again – this is lovely, thank you very much indeed!!

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