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I’m sure you’ll agree that embossing adds a touch of elegance or a finishing touch to many a page… but it can be a bit fiddly and time consuming to do.  I wanted to speed things up a little – and embossed border overlays are the result!  This week’s freebie is a pair of easy to use, ready-made, full page overlays that result in beautifully embossed borders.  Simply bring one of these overlays into DSA (version 2) via the Photo tab and place it on top of an exisiting background (ideally one that is plain or textured).  Next, set the layer’s blend mode to ‘Overlay’ or ‘Soft Light’, then sit back and admire the result!  If the border needs a little more impact, simply duplicate the layer.  It’s as easy as that! Check out the samples below… featuring the  two free overlays – one classy and one fun.  The backgrounds used in the samples are from Daisytrail’s ‘Playground’ kit:

Click to view in detail


Click to view in detail


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The Trulytango ‘Borderlines’ collection is a Digikit containing 12 pre-embossed, ready-made page border overlays that will add a touch of class to many a page.  The borders range in style from simple and subtle, through to elegant and ornate.  The kit also features 12 lovely new backgrounds so you can get creative straight away!  You can check out the Digikit contents via the demo below:

Click this link for more info on this product

FREE!  A Pop-up Heart Overlay

Here’s an extra little FREEBIE for you this week!  It’s an overlay that works exactly like the ones above, but instead of a border this one will add a nice pop-up heart effect to any background.  Here’s my sample page – the background used is one from my new ‘Borderlines Collection’:

If you like this page, please click this link and leave some feedback for me over on Daisy Trail.  THANKS! 🙂

Comments on: "FREE Trulytango ‘Borderlines’ sample" (14)

  1. Hi Iris
    THANK YOU so much for your gorgeous Freebies
    You’re such a talented lady

  2. Micheline said:

    Sorry bumper pack. lollll

  3. Micheline said:

    Hi Iris, thank you for your beautiful freebies. You’re very kind to share with us.

    I’ve just bought your bargain bumper back and I can’t wait to make arrangements with.

    Thank you again xx

  4. So sorry I forgot to say thank you in my comment. x

  5. These are great Iris cant wait to use them.

  6. Tracy Switzer said:

    What a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing, I love them!

    • Tracy Switzer said:

      Iris, I actually bought the kit, today it was $5.59 in US currency, easily transacted thru paypal and popped up in DT without any fanagling in my files, thank you very much for that part. Love the kit, gonna get right to it!

      • Trulytango said:

        Thanks for the feedback, Tracy. I really appreciate your interest… they took quite some time to put together, so its great to hear you like them 🙂

  7. Thank you so much Iris. I can see them being very useful.
    Beryl xx

  8. Hi Iris, thankyou for the borders and overlays. I can’t wait to play. I love your background music too.

  9. this is fantastic thanks for sharing , i cant wait to get as good as you with this programme , if i live that long lol.

    Sue x

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