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Trulytango GOLD!

Hi guys

Do you like trying different effects on your frames and embellishments?  I certainly do, and I’ve been playing around until I came up with quite a nice recipe for Gold.  I’ve been using this effect for a while now, e.g. in my Razzle Dazzle and Christmas kits.  I’ve also been tweaking it often and now I think it’s ready to share!  Trulytango Gold is bright but a bit tarnished… perfect for vintage filigree patterns – like the one I’ve made out of a font character for this week’s *FREE frames.  There’s a square frame, a rectangular one… and even one set into the front of a gold-blocked book!  Take a closer look:

Click to view in detail

Try changing the colour of the book jacket or add an  alternate effects to the frames.  They’ll look good with DSA’s other metallic effects – and even some of the others that sound a bit ‘off the wall’.  But if you like the Gold effect I’ve used in the sample frames, you can add the effect to your existing metallic palette to use it in other projects.  Full instructions for adding the effect your metallic palette are included in the kit.

That’s all for now… hope you all continue to  enjoy being creative in 2011!

The following freebie comes to you in Digikit.pack format.

Download Trulytango Gold Effect & Frames

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