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Diamond Sparkle

Hi there

Sparkling diamonds.  Classy and timeless… an elegant ‘must have’ accessory pack ideal for a range of page layouts. First, the background… provided in Ice Blue but you can colour it to match your own layouts very easily.  Next, just to get you in the mood for diamonds, a single Sparkling Diamond embellishment and a couple of diamond edged frames.    And last, but no means least, a pair of Diamond Sparkle brushes.  Outline any shape you like with Diamond Line or add touches of bling wherever you fancy with Diamond Scatter.  Trulytango Diamonds is provided in DSA’s .pack format

Notes on using the brushes… the brush sizes used on the sample page are between 32 to 64, and I used the quick-shape tool to draw an ellipse to get the scatter.  Have fun!

THANK YOU! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Comments on: "Diamond Sparkle" (12)

  1. LOVE these diamonds. Thank you so much Iris, you are so generous.

  2. please please can you help me I am really new to all this but I love scrap booking now I have started .I have downloaded this brush but this might be a silly question for some but how do i use them they are in my download file but now I am lost thanks for any help Ann

    • Hi Ann. Have you managed to unzip the file called Trulytango that you downloaded? Within it is a file called Trulytango Diamonds.pack – this is the digikit. Copy and paste the .pack file into your own ‘My Digikits’ location/folder on your machine. Then open your software and load the Digikit. The brushes will be showing in the Brushes pane, under ‘Digikit’ as opposed to ‘Global’. Use them as you would use any brush.

  3. Thanks so much TT-this is lovely !!!!

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are very kind to do this.

  5. Trulytango said:

    OK – There’s now a fresh, working link to the file uploaded to MediaFire. ENJOY!

  6. The download doesn’t work anymore…..sigh.

    • Trulytango said:

      Thanks for the ‘heads-up’ Diane… 4shared appear to have deactivated my account because I haven’t logged in for over 180 days. They also inform me they have deleted my files too! Didn’t see that in the small print when I signed up for their free account!

      Luckily I still have the files here on my PC so I shall upload them to trusty MediFire and update the links on my site ASAP.

  7. Dee Woods-Jeram said:

    Cheers Iris, slowly getting things together again.How much can one person collect and lose in three years..ouch!!!

    • Trulytango said:

      A lot! Looking on the bright side, Dee… you can now take the opportunity to get yourself organised using DSA’s Digikit/Tagging features! Glad you like my stuff… it’s always a thrill to see someone using it. Thanks!

  8. Carol Balderas said:

    OMG I love this DIAMONDS !!!

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